1- Submission of articles

We invite authors wishing to publish their articles of applied character, in "El-Bahith review" to consult the sections: "Instructions to the authors" and "Guide to the authors" of our space reserved on the platform.

Authors are invited to submit their paper proposals. This can be done by clicking on the "Submit Article", or via the following link:


If the author has a "Username and Password" account for "El-Bahith review", go to "Login". And if the author needs a username and password ?, Go to "Registration".

Observation: Registration and login are free and required to submit an article online and to check the status of the submission.


2- Preparation of the article

In order to speed up the process of publishing articles in "El-Bahith review", the authors are invited to use the standard model of the Journal. A style sheet (template) is made available to authors in the "instructions for authors" section to insert their articles. Authors can download the template (BR_Templates.rar) from the "Instruction for Authors" section.

3- Guidelines of the author

- Authors are invited to read and carefully follow these recommendations,
- The editor-in-chief has the right to return manuscripts that are not submitted in accordance with these recommendations.


4- Article Evaluation Process

As a first step, the article is examined anonymously at the level of the secretariat (internal committee) of the journal, which meets regularly and intervenes in the pre-evaluation phase. He gives a notice of eligibility of articles before sending to the associated publishers. If the article has not received a favorable opinion during this phase, it will be returned to the author with a sheet containing comments and suggestions. The author can resubmit it taking into account the recommendations made.

In a second step and in the case where the article is eligible for the evaluation (correct writing style, well-posed problematic, presence of research hypothesis, explicit methodology, etc.); The anonymous article will be subject to a double review by associate editors (outside the author's establishment), who in turn will submit it to two evaluators of his network, who will take charge of the paper according to a standardized evaluation grid that they must obligatorily provide. The associated publisher can also evaluate the article if he wishes. The journal secretariat provides the interface between the authors of the articles and the associated editors.

The publishers are not informed of the names of the authors or their affiliations.

When a draft article receives a favorable opinion and a negative one, a third evaluation is ordered, and the conclusion of the third arbitration will determine the acceptance result, which will be considered final.

In case of acceptance after the modification, the author of the article must make the required corrections within a period not exceeding one month.

If the article is accepted; The author must send the copyright transfer certificate (BR_Copyright_Transfer_and_Declaration_En_Fr_Ar.pdf).


5- The evaluation period of the articles

The evaluation period allowed to them is 45 days, but the evaluators take an average of two to three months or more, to send to the secretariat of the journal.