Strategic watch in small and medium enterprises (possibilities and obstacles) Case study of a sample of Algerian small and medium enterprises

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This work aims to study the reality and the possibility of exercising Strategic watch in small and medium enterprises, which have long been considered the center of attention of many researchers due to their specificity and distinction compared to large enterprises, while highlighting the obstacles that stand in the way of this;

Among the most important results reached through this study, which was based on the questionnaire tool, which included 59 small and medium enterprises from western Algeria; Of course, since the management of these institutions revolves around the owner/manager, the nature of management is dependent on his personality and direction. Most of these owners/managers are interested in adapting the environment in which they are active, but they do not have sufficient experience to practice strategic vigilance. Just configurable, strategy setting is intuitive and decisions are reactive. In addition to the fluctuation of the economic, social, and political environmental conditions, as well as the instability of government policies and the change in laws and legislation, as it is not possible to imagine a clear future vision for the status of the institution, and the circumstances require flexibility and quick and improvisational decisions, but strategic vigilance requires a long time.


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أحسن ج., عامر ع. ا., & بن حراث . ا. (2023). Strategic watch in small and medium enterprises (possibilities and obstacles): Case study of a sample of Algerian small and medium enterprises. El-Bahith Review, 23(1), 229–239. Retrieved from