Scientific writing of a research article according to IMRaD structure

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Scientific research aims to discover facts or to contribute to solving a posed problem related to a specific economic phenomenon, using a specific scientific method. The results of these research are usually published in the form of a scientific paper (article). The publication is an effective means of exchange and communication between researchers, and it serves as a bibliographic reference for future studies, and it is an integral part of the researcher's work. However, some researchers do not have the expertise in choosing a journal and how to write a scientific article acceptable for publication because of the lack of distinction between educational writing for teaching and scientific writing for publication. Therefore, the article aims to accentuate how to select a journal, and how to submit a research article  according to the IMRaD structure in a journal that requires IMRaD, based on statistics and experiences from various sciences. It was evidently found that the IMRaD structure is the most used and clear in the sciences that are based on the case study, because it allows the researcher ease in editing the article and allows the reader and the reviewer alike smoothness in understanding and reviewing.


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