Obstacles facing the third sector in Qatar

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Ahmed Amaweri
Monera Almansour


The aim of the research is to identify the obstacles facing the third sector in the State of Qatar. The descriptive analytical approach was used, where information was collected through reviewing and analyzing the literature, documents, and previous studies, and through a questionnaire distributed to a sample of the third sector in the State of Qatar. The research found that NGOs face a number of obstacles, such as the weak level of governance in many organizations, the absence of strategic direction for most of them and the weak skills of their employees, as well as their weak ability to grant rewarding incentives to employees, which limits their ability to attract, train and maintain competencies, this is affected by weak Funding sources and their fluctuation and the lack of self-resources for most of these organizations. It also suffers from weak societal awareness of the importance and roles of these organizations, weak marketing for their programs and activities, as well as a weak level of community participation in its activities. There are obstacles related to the legal aspects, there are many legislations that regulate the work of NGOs, some of them restrict the movement of these organizations and set some procedures that delay the procedures for establishing organizations from the point of view of the sample. In addition to the above, the focus of most donors and donors on charitable and humanitarian projects more than sustainable development projects, the weak level of coordination and networking between NGOs, and the presence of some problems related to transferring funds because of banks adopting complex procedures in recent years. The research also provides several recommendations to deal with these challenges and enhance the ability of NGOs in Qatar to play an active role in comprehensive development.


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Amaweri, A., & Almansour, M. . (2022). Obstacles facing the third sector in Qatar. El-Bahith Review, 22(1), 79–93. Retrieved from https://elbahithreview.edu.dz/index.php/bahith/article/view/823

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