Seaside and sustainable tourism in the context of tourist development Case of the wilaya of Bejaia

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Seaside tourism plays a fundamental role in the economic development of the country. A large area of ​​the coast is put into tourism, tourist facilities in Algeria remain very punctual and out of step with the real demand of the population. The Algerian State's resolution to make seaside tourism a wealth-creating activity with the aim of reducing the economy's dependence on the hydrocarbons sector is encountering many difficulties, such as the question of land issues and the dysfunctions between tools for sustainable tourism development and those for the protection and enhancement of nature. Based on a field survey carried out in the wilaya of Bejaia, we adopt a multidimensional vision based on the SPSS 20 software


The objective of this article is to analyze the evolution of institutional arrangements in the field of seaside tourism and their implementation on the ground while analyzing the specificities of the socio-economic and environmental context in the context of tourist development


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