Theoretical Frameworks and Models for High Involvement Management Bibliometric and Content Analysis

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The study aims to extend the theoretical and intellectual understanding of one of the most important concepts related to human resources, which is High Involvement Management, and to clarify how to build models and theoretical frameworks in them, and to extract research topics related to them, based on the bibliometric analysis of the data of 1578 studies published in the Scopus database using VOSviewer and KnowledgeMatrix Plus, and based on the content analysis or textual analysis of the reference and basic studies on this subject using the Nvivo software, the study concludes that most research frameworks for High Involvement Management include the following dimensions: power involvement, information involvement, reward involvement, knowledge involvement. Also, there are several research gaps that possibly will research topics, the most important is linking HIM to: quality management, project management, social responsibility, governance, risk and crisis management.


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