Diversity of Origin, Innovation and Learning Communities

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Abdelkader DJEFLAT
Abdenacer MAAREF


Inspired by advances in managerial research and recent debates on the diversity of origins in the professional middle, this article attempts to examine in a context of globalization, the links between diversity of origins, learning and innovation, a. situation that pushes companies to face the challenges of recruiting foreign workers from various countries. This is why the diversity of origins becomes obvious in the labor market of most Western countries. This prompts business managers to wonder how the multiple social interactions (culture, social values, religious beliefs, etc.) underlying this diversity of origins and nationalities affect organizational performance and innovation. It is this question that we propose to address in this paper. For this, a PAP company that uses the diversity of personnel a great deal has been chosen. It is based on a combined methodology including, quantitative data analysis in addition to lexicography and participant observation.


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DJEFLAT, A., MAAREF, A., & DATOUSSAID, A. (2020). Diversity of Origin, Innovation and Learning Communities. El-Bahith Review, 20(1), 153–165. Retrieved from https://elbahithreview.edu.dz/index.php/bahith/article/view/16