The author must guarantee the originality of his article, and any quotation or use of paragraphs or other words must be quoted in a corresponding and correct manner. Regarding our adopted publication vision, El-Bahith Review never condones plagiarism, self-plagiarism, or copyright violation.

For the reasons mentioned above, any article received for publication in the journal El-Bahith review will be subject to plagiarism control using specific detection software. If a low plagiarism rate is detected, the corresponding author will receive a detailed similarity report to rewrite the text concerned by the plagiarism or to cite exactly the origin of the target text according to known methodological rules, but if the overall plagiarism rate is more than 15%, the article will be rejected.

It should be noted that the similarity of text due to terminologies, texts, statistical or mathematical formulas commonly used by the authors is obviously not considered plagiarism. Therefore, the editorial expert's knowledge of these rules is essential to understanding and interpreting a similarity check report and determining if there is plagiarism.

Warning: Plagiarism is considered an immoral act and must be firmly combated by the scientific community.